[Oberon] List of extensions for Project Oberon compiler

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Mon Feb 1 01:18:17 CET 2021


>One of things on my possible 'list of things to do' is 
>to produce a version of Project Oberon that is 100% compliant 
>with the Language Report. I believe that is eminently feasible. 
>If you have a similar ambition then I would be happy to collaborate 
>with you.

There can be two approaches to language definition and implementation.

1) Define the language the way it should be. Be surprised why there are no users and no useful applications. 

2) Look at the applications, ask the users of previous versions, extract the advice from the community, and cautiously implement modifications which improve the language and also minimize the damage.

This boils down to the question "why do computers exist in the first place?". One answer is "to justify the existence of computer scientists". The other might be "to perform some useful work". 

The first answer is right. The second answer is correct. So now one has to decide whether the correct is right, or the right is correct. 

Hint: History is littered with right ideas and great projects which nobody cares about except their authors. I have a few of these under my own belt.


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