[Oberon] Re (2): Starting V4.

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Mon Feb 1 20:25:35 CET 2021

As installed, Native ETH Oberon and the Oberon subsystem in A2 have 
command "System.Open System.Tool" in Oberon.Text > InitCommands.

If Oberon.Ini in V4 is the analogue of Oberon.Text in ETH Oberon I 
expect to see "System.Open System.Tool" in Oberon.Ini. Not there.  

Nevertheless System.Tool is opened.  Has anyone found 
"System.Open System.Tool"

Thx,           ... P. L.

Tel: +1 604 670 0140            Bcc: peter at easthope. ca

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