[Oberon] Usenet group comp.lang.oberon is no longer accessible

Nemo Nusquam cym224 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 00:10:30 CET 2021

On 05/02/2021 17:49, Chris Burrows wrote (in part):
> The Usenet group ‘comp.lang.oberon’ which I normally access through 
> Google Groups has recently become unavailable with the message:
> “Banned content warning: comp.lang.oberon has been identified as 
> containing spam, malware, or other malicious content.”
> https://groups.google.com/g/comp.lang.oberon
> While it is true that spammers occasionally attacked this group (I 
> usually reported such attacks – maybe I shouldn’t have?) there was 
> about 30 years’ worth of historically significant discussions about 
> Oberon contained in the archived messages so it is an extreme case of 
> ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’.
Indeed, they have also recently blocked comp.lang.forth, comp.lang.lisp, 
and others.

> I reported the access problem to Google Groups about a week ago but 
> haven’t heard back yet. Does anybody know how to restore access to 
> this group?
Shouting at a brick wall comes to mind. People have tried without 
receiving any response.
I gave up on Google Groups years ago and use the (paid) service from 


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