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> On 2021-01-10 16:10, peter at easthope.ca wrote:
> > Appears the copy posted at 43.09 US$ was sold that day...
> On http://www.projectoberon.com I've now mirrored Prof. Wirth's two
> PDFs for Compiler Construction as a single PDF, so it can be more
> easily submitted to a book-printing service. Direct link is:
> http://www.projectoberon.net/wirth/CompilerConstruction/CompilerConst
> ruction.pdf
> Enjoy,
> Paul

Thanks. I've just re-read Hanspeter Mössenböck's article: "Compiler
Construction - The Art of Niklaus Wirth".

The abstract states: "This paper tries to collect some general principles
behind his work. It is not a paper about new compilation techniques but a
reflection about Wirth's way to write compilers."

It has many useful tips for prospective compiler designers / writers /
maintainers and answers many questions of the type "Why did he do it that

You can download a copy from:


It was also published as a chapter in the book: The School of Niklaus Wirth
- The Art of Simplicity:




Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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