[Oberon] Re (2): Re (2): Indentation in V2 sources.

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Mon Feb 15 18:16:14 CET 2021

From:	Joerg <joerg.straube at iaeth.ch>
Date:	Mon, 15 Feb 2021 09:18:20 +0100
> If you like monospaced fonts you should adapt the font-family.
> ...
> <span style="font-family: Monaco, monospace; ...

OK, thanks.  Currently the MediaWiki module handles two cases.

(1) MediaWiki.Markup reads an Oberon Text and produces markup which 
produces a page which imitates the original Text.  ETH Oberon has the 
Courier font.  Markup for characters in the Courier font will be 
tagged <span style="font-family: Courier, monospace; ...">. To my 
knowledge, a contemporary browser is likely to recognize "Courier"; if 
Courier is not available another monospace is likely to be substituted.
The output syntax is in the MediaWiki module at line 37.


The conversion of the Text typeface attribute to the HTML tag begins at 
line 266. "IF extantAttr.typeface # globalAttr.typeface ..." This 
conversion process is satisfactory.

(2) To produce markup for a text from a PDF, the original Oberon Text 
is not directly available. Probably typeface can be extracted from PDF; 
I don't know how. The PDF reader displays the document but doesn't  
give me attributes.  

Visually I can recognize serif vs. sans serif and fixed pitch vs. 
variable pitch.  Then I can impose a typeface.  My MediaWiki module 
has a simple means to do that; not yet in the book.

My immediate question: what font-family specification for serif, 
variable pitch will be recognized by most browsers?  An answer will 
allow me to complete case (2).

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