[Oberon] Compile error - END missing

Duke Normandin dukeofpurl at gmx.com
Thu Apr 8 19:29:07 CEST 2021

Back playing with Oberon2.

$ voc
Oberon-2 compiler v2.1.0 [2021/04/07] for gcc LP64 on debian.
Based on Ofront by J. Templ and Software Templ OEG.

$ voc tempConvert.ob2 -M
tempConvert.ob2  Compiling tempConvert.

   9: BEGIN
    pos   142  err 41  END missing

Module compilation failed.

09:PROCEDURE fahr2cels(fahr:REAL):REAL;
11:VAR temp:REAL;
12:   temp := .5556*(fahr - 32);
13:   RETURN temp
14:END fahr2cels;

Can't figure it out! Could be a compiler bug, but I doubt it.
Clues please! TIA ..
Duke Normandin <dukeofpurl at gmx.com>
Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada

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