[Oberon] Stimulus driven interrupts?

Jeff Maggio jmaggio14 at gmail.com
Thu May 6 13:43:08 CEST 2021

Hi all,

I'm using Oberon on an embedded RISC5 system, and am able to modify both
firmware and software.

In this Oberon-1 paper (*http://norayr.am/papers/WirthTasksVersusThreads.pdf
<http://norayr.am/papers/WirthTasksVersusThreads.pdf>*) from 1996, Wirth
discusses a method of "real-time tasks". *(Page 10)*. In which I believe
interrupt handlers installed with *Kernel.Install(Handler, N)* are
triggered when a device or buffer is updated? The details are unclear in
the paper.

I see that *Kernel.Install* still exists in the RISC5 source. Can this
method still be used for "real-time tasks" in which a procedure is run when
an external stimulus changes? So far all the interrupt examples I've seen
make use of interrupts triggered periodically by the millisecond timer.

My end goal is to trigger an interrupt (from firmware or otherwise) in
reaction to stimulus without having to wait for the millisecond timer

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