[Oberon] RiskOne ordered

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Fri May 14 17:28:14 CEST 2021


  I ordered production of two prototype RiskOne motherboards. If anyone want to have those, it is the last minute to tell me so I can possibly add more boards to the order. You need to do it today. The cost will be $500 per board.

The features: 
Spartan-6 LX25, 
4 MB of ZBT RAM, 
16 MB HyperRAM (so it is 20 MB total). I intend to use HyperRAM for video, but it can be used for anything else. 
HDMI connector to output video
PS2 mouse and keyboard
W5500 chip for Ethernet with the RJ-45 socket.
Three serial ports. One of these can be optionally operated as "optical interface" at 50 MHz.
Connector for the Nordic NRF24L01 radio, same as PO 2013.
Connector for Wi-Fi Sparkfun WRL-13678.
Two SD cards. One micro, one full. This is to adopt Chris file system HCFiler with one of these.
Three PMOD connectors.
One set of expansion connectors for the daughter card "shield".
  -- I already designed the ADC shield, which is my primary interest.
  -- The shield can be anything: ADC, DAC, industrial PID control, anything.

I would have attached the full spec sheet, but this will hold off the posting for approval.

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