[Oberon] EE, CE, CS buildings on the ETH campus.

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> My objective is to include a photo on the title page of the wikibook.


I can't tell you where (in which building) the "origins of Oberon" have
started: I started studying computer science in 1994, and the first two
years were in the main building (HG = Hauptgebäude). Already at that
time the computer science department was located in the IFW building here:


"was" as in: the computer science department is now - since several
years already - located in the CAB and CMB buildings: which is somewhat
ironic, because the youngest departement (computer science) of the ETH
is now located in one of its oldest buildings:


At that time (1994) Professor N. Wirth gave lectures both in the HG main
building (specifically (digital) electrical engineering during the
"basic studies", the Grundstudium), but mostly also in the IFW building
("Fachstudium", the 3rd and 4th+ year of a computer science master
study). I had the chance to attent his last "Systemsoftware" lecture
before he retired (which was held in the IFW building). :) I believe
that was in 1999-ish.

Now as you can see the IFW building is quite ugly: it is a "high tech
building" (the automated window blinds went up and down whenever a small
cloud covered the sun - rumours among us students were that the software
controlling the blinds was the work of some student, as a "semester
work" (Semesterarbeit) ;)).

So if you ask me: use any nice picture of the ETH Hauptgebäude (HG)! No
one will recognise the IFW - and again: I am not saying that Professor
N. Wirth and Professor J. Gutknecht were actually already in that
building when starting working on Oberon! I just can't tell.

Hope that helps :)

Cheers, Oliver

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