[Oberon] Re (2): EE, CE, CS buildings on the ETH campus.

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As the ETHZ is scattered all around Zurich, all buildings with ETH offices got a short name.
Normally (obviously with exceptions) the first two letters give a hint where the building is located (street/area/region name..) and the third letter discriminates the building on that street.

AM_ = Auf der Mauer
CA_, CN_ = ??
CL_ = Clausiusstrasse
HA_ = Häldeliweg
HC_ = Höngg, Chemie (also Hochstrasse)
HI_ = Höngg, Ingenieurwesen
HP_ = Höngg, Physik
LE_ = Leonhardstrasse
SO_ = Sonneggstrasse
TA_ = Tannenstrasse
VO_ = Voltastrasse
WE_ = Weinbergstrasse

Some exceptions
HG = Hauptgebäude
RZ = Rechenzentrum

I have no clue why CA_ and CN_ is used. There is no corresponding street name near by. Formerly, in those buildings students were studiying chemistry. Might be that C was chosen for chemistry and N for North. But this is pure speculation.


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From:	Till Oliver Knoll <till.oliver.knoll at gmail.com>
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> So if you ask me: use any nice picture of the ETH Hauptgeb=C3=A4ude (HG)!
> No one will recognise the IFW - and again: I am not saying that Professor
> N. Wirth and Professor J. Gutknecht were actually already in that
> building when starting working on Oberon! I just can't tell.


Another vantage point might give a better view, including the 
Rechenzentrum and IFW.  The Oberstrass neighbourhood?


That's the best I can do at the present.  If someone can improve it, 
certainly go ahead.

Incidentally what is abbreviated by CAB?

Thanks to all who have replied,                ... P.L.

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