[Oberon] IRC oberon community is moving elsewhere

Diego Sardina dsar at eml.cc
Tue Jun 8 08:00:42 CEST 2021

Due to recent changes concerning operational control of freenode, we have decided to move elsewhere.

You can read more about it in:


If you want to go deeper (and you have time to do that):


Many opensource projects and communities moved to the new network Libera.Chat or the freenode's alternative OFTC (Open and Free Technology Community).

While some of us already moved to Libera.Chat, some others asked to move to OFTC. In my opinion, since Libera.Chat and OFTC are very crowded, it makes sense to be present in both networks.

In recent years, in particular with Project Oberon 2013, lot of people coming from other channels joined #oberon to ask information both about the system and the language. The channel also increased from a number of users less than 10 to an average of 20 with a peak of 31 during last years. For these reasons being in both networks is the best way to widespride Oberon and let new users to join the (small) community.

So people that already moved to #oberon on Libera.Chat are also invited to join and populate #oberon on OFTC.

The channel on Freenode will be shut down on 2021-06-21.

Diego Sardina

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