[Oberon] Oberon Text and new systems; was Re (n): Question about Oakwood guidelines and design choices

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>     From:	"Skulski, Wojciech" <skulski at pas.rochester.edu>
>     Date:	Mon, 7 Jun 2021 17:21:05 +0000
>>     Since you said Text, please be aware that there are multiple Text
>>     flavors out there.
>     The section at https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Oberon#Oberon_Text is
>     intended to be understandable to a novice.  Under the subheading
>     "Additional Details" is the link to


>     6) I suspect that porting #2 [V4] to the FPGA Oberon would entail a
>     complete replacement of the 2013 Text and text frames with the ones
>     from Linz V4. This will not be easy not because of the code, but
>     because of the language: "they" changed the language so V4 will no
>     longer compile.

    Didn't Andreas discuss or mention that months ago.  Three steps to put
    an "old" system, S, on a new machine.

    (1) In an extant S, translate the sources into Oberon-07. In the
    process, the sources can be recompiled by the compiler in S. This is
    just work; time consuming but not lethal.  =8~)

    (2) In the new system, compile all the sources of S.

    (3) Install and run the revised S on the new machine.

    S can be V4 or ETH Oberon or another.

Wow, lots for me to digest.  I'm up for attempting to port some modules 
from Oberon-2 to Oberon-7.  Texts seems like a good place but I will 
likely take the simplest path first before attempting a more ambitious 
like a universal Texts module (though the side of me interested in 
Software Preservation thinks that is a good idea).

I'm still very new to Oberon so I'm sure I'll do dump things and beware 
I'll ask dump questions too. I'm not quick in picking up new systems. I 
feel like I am in book club where everyone now reading and discussing 
chapter 17 and I'm still reading the preface!



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