[Oberon] Oberon Text and new systems for science

Robert Doiel rsdoiel at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 19:46:06 CEST 2021

Hello everyone,

I have a few more questions.

When porting modules is their a standard practice in commenting them? 
E.g. "Ported from Oberon-2 to Oberon-2, DATE INITIALS"

I've been looking at directory layouts in POSIX environments for porting 
Texts.Mod (and dependencies) to Oberon-7. There appears to be a practice 
of having a "share" (Ofront) or "source" (A2) for truly portable folder 
code and target specific (e.g. raspbian/linux386 on Ofront and ARM, 
Linux32, Linux64 on A2). Is there a similar practice around compiler 
differences?  In the POSIX environment I'm relying on OBNC but how OBNC 
includes C code is different than Oxford or Ofront. Has anyone come up 
with a good approach to addressing compatibility issues at the compiler 

I think adopting an existing pattern (if it is simple and not simpler) 
would be a good idea as I experiment with porting Texts.Mod to POSIX for 
Native Oberon 2.3.7 and V4.

All the best,


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