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  Chris Burrows is our microcontroller guru.  Chris will respond no doubt. I can say, just ask him for advice and follow it to the letter. He knows what he is doing.  Have a look at Astrobe.com.

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Dear Oberon-Listeners

Does anybody have experience with Oberon on a (RISC) Microcontroller?
With the Arduino-IDE it is quiet easy to program (C) an Arduino Controller.
Now i found such an industrial grade one (Controllino) which works nice.

As i'm using Oberon (A2) within Linux (Debian), i'm wondering if anybody
knows to compile an Oberon-hexfile for an Arduino compatible (ATmega)
RISC Microcontroller? Would be great for training and industrial application.

Or otherwise, is there a proven public transpiler from Oberon to C around?
Many thanks for any hints. Kind regrads, Daniel.

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