[Oberon] Re (2): The Radiar A2 Swiss industrial controller.

Josef Sedlacek sedlacek at swissonline.ch
Thu Nov 11 14:34:07 CET 2021


A2 is a industrial controller designed for use in the automation. It is 
developed to be generic i.e. to be suitable for use in different 
processes. But the reality was leading to the feeding and blending 
application. One of the goals was to use it as a workstation for 
development. It runs even the Fox-Compiler. But the performance doesn't 
match the expectations of a developer. So we compile and build under A2 
OS. (By the way the name A2 was given to the OS as well as to the Swiss 
Industry Controller in a common research project funded by the Swiss 
Confederation.) In regard to selling: We sell it now for dedicated 
applications. But we would like to sell the technology i.e. the whole 
soft- and hardware with all the knowhow. While using the most recent and 
advanced techniques it is based on a long economically successful 

It is a good idea to include it in the Oberon#Computers.

Thank you very much

Josef Sedlacek

Am 02.11.2021 um 14:24 schrieb peter at easthope.ca:
> Josef,
> From:	Josef Sedlacek <sedlacek at swissonline.ch>
> Date:	Tue, 2 Nov 2021 10:55:57 +0100
>> We are still delivering A2 swiss industry controllers to Asia,
>> Wnamely Singapore. They are used for gravimetric feeding and blending
>> in Taiwan and also in main China.
> Thanks.  A turnkey system; correct?  Appears the controller might also
> serve  as a workstation running A2.  Is the controller sold alone?
> Include here?  https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Oberon#Computers
> Better not?
> Thanks again,                               ... P. L.

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