[Oberon] A2 WebBrowser.

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Mon Dec 20 17:40:34 CET 2021

>From lproven at gmail.com  Wed Jun  9 18:17:08 2021
> I have recently tried the A2 browser ...

Here LinuxA2 Gen. 32-bit, rev.9799 is in Debian 11.

Apps > WebBrowser opens the browser.  The default home page is 
http://bluebottle.ethz.ch which is not available. Consequently the 
display is "Not found: http://bluebottle.ethz.ch".  OK.

If a live URL is supplied, the display is "Loading..." but nothing 
else is rendered.  Appears communication is broken.

Any tips?  Did you adjust Configuration.XML?

Thanks,                 ... P.L.

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