[Oberon] Is there anybody out there ...

Ka-Pe Er k_p_r at gmx.de
Fri Jan 7 10:40:05 CET 2022

In my search for as original as possible OBERON(-2) source texts for
testing the Rochus Keller Oberon+ system, I have now (after the modules
RandomNumbers, ListRN and IFS) also successfully compiled the two models
from PiO (Programming in Oberon, Reiser & Wirth) using ETH Plugin Oberon
for Windows.
In doing so, I found some very irritating "errors", which can be found
in the original English version as well as in the later German edition:

1. The module RandomNumbers has an additional, exported function Exp in
both models, which is not included in the source code at the front of
the book, but was then discovered by me in the ETH Oberon (Plugin Oberon
for Windows) source code-wise.
2. Even Sequences, which is unfortunately only available as a definition
module in an exercise, apparently has an additional procedure Open in
Setup in the second Model, although this could perhaps be covered by Init.

Is there anybody out there ...
who knows some official (?) "sample solutions" of this / all PiO-tasks
as source code from your student days ?

Klaus-Peter Reimers
(Germany / Kiel)

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