[Oberon] Seeking ETHZ contact to find out licensing Oberon sources

Hans Klaver hklaver at dds.nl
Tue Jan 25 23:14:13 CET 2022

Hi Taylor,

Good to see you back after all those years!

You wrote i.a.:
> Is anyone even interested in a classic Oberon-2 compiler and software?

I for one would certainly be interested in a command line Oberon-2 compiler with library modules targeting Linux and Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian).


Hans Klaver

> Op 24 jan. 2022, om 23:51 heeft thutt at harp-project.com het volgende geschreven:
> Hello everyone,
>  I'm looking to find an ETHZ contact who can tell me under which
>  license agreement the ETHZ Oberon sources fall.  A few decades ago I
>  had an Oberon distribution running on MS-DOS, but then got involved
>  in working on commercial compilers.
>  Recently, I've dusted it off and retargeted the compiler for a
>  virtual CPU and would like to redistribute it with source*, including
>  some previously undistributed ETHZ sources.
>  So, can someone point me in the right direction to find out the
>  license agreement.
>  * For the curious, the system works on Linux and Rasbian.  The whole
>    Oberon system is not supported yet for a few reasons -- the most
>    important being that I don't know how to program X.
> thutt
> PS: Is anyone even interested in a classic Oberon-2 compiler and
>    software?
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