[Oberon] Wiznet W5500 code for Oberon System?

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Wed Mar 9 18:50:24 CET 2022


I remember some remarks concerning the Wiznet W5500 support for Oberon System. We would like to start using this chip. We have the Arty A7-35 and the Arduino W5500 shield which works with Arty. We also have some C++ code driving the W5500 with MicroBlaze. We would like to start using both Astrobe and the Oberon System for this project. It would give us a boost if we could use the existing code rather than port from from C++.

Eventually we would like to develop a serial-over-Ethernet using W5500, an embedded web server, and other such services. I wonder if any W5500 code is available anywhere, or should we give up searching and develop our own.

FYI, W5500 is a silicon chip with embedded TCP/IP on chip. You send data buffers to it via SPI, and the chip is driving the Ethernet side with properly structured TCP/IP packets. So it is basically a SPI-to-Ethernet translator. It helps to avoid the burden of maintaining the TCP/IP stack within the Oberon System.

Thank you,

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