[Oberon] Documentation for Gadgets; was Re: Software Tracking Project

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Wed Mar 23 04:28:15 CET 2022

>From skulski at pas.rochester.edu  Mon Jan 29 06:27:36 2018
> My experience with Gadgets was mixed, but I appreciate their 
> potential.

I was baffled by Gadgets although didn't make a real study.

>From joerg.straube at iaeth.ch  Tue Mar  6 18:51:28 2018
> Did you read this intro into the Gadget system:
> http://www.ethoberon.ethz.ch/ethoberon/tutorial/GadgetsIntro.html

André Fischer gave permission to incorporate his tutorials into 
the wikibook. The texts are there now, cited in the Contents page.
I'm still working on the illustations.

I've read all of the tutorials now. Focussed more on typographical 
errors and format than concepts.  Well convinced of the value of the 

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