[Oberon] A Gemini post that is quite damning (sadly)

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Wed Sep 14 17:10:52 CEST 2022

Hello Liam,

From:	Liam Proven <lproven at gmail.com>
Date:	Wed, 14 Sep 2022 12:17:32 +0200
> gemini://

I read the Wikipedia article about gemini.  Something less complex 
than HTTP and HTML seems reasonable.

Firefox 91.13.0esr in Debian Linux here is baffled by the gemini URL.  
=8~/ An extra component is needed?  

Wikipedia mentions a client named starfish.  The starfish in Debian 
appears to be unrelated.

Can you suggest something for Debian Linux?

Thx,                           ... P.

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