[Oberon] A Gemini post that is quite damning (sadly)

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
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  I am confused. AFAIK, the Oberon Station was created by a guy named "enso". I am not sure who that was. The website, which looks very promising in web archives, was discontinued. 

The "nostalgia" was written by another guy named "gray". Again, sort of a mystery to me.

Then there is this Oberon Real Time System oberon-rts.org which again is signed by "gray". It looks like a magnificent piece of work to me, though the code has not been released (yet?). This time I seem to know that s/he is Gray Raven, though I am not sure whether it is the same "gray". The web design seems the same, though, as the "lefe-new.me" website. Both look significantly different from the Oberon Station website by "enso".

Are you saying that enso == gray == Gray Raven? And this mysterious person is? Can we somehow benefit from the code which he described on the RTS website? 


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Why Not Oberon?

A recent discussion brought up the ghost of Oberon...

Here's an alternative point of view


He since discovered Astrobe for RISC5 and has used it extensively on off-the-shelf Digilent FPGA boards.

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