[Oberon] Archive of comp.lang.oberon

Diego Sardina dsar at eml.cc
Wed Nov 2 08:52:07 CET 2022

On Tue, Nov 1, 2022, at 7:35 PM, Bernhard Treutwein wrote:
> the usenet archive https://www.usenetarchives.com/ apparently has the 
> complete postings to comp.lang.oberon available for digging into 
> Oberon's history:
>       https://www.usenetarchives.com/threads.php?id=comp.lang.oberon
> --
>    Bernhard

Thank you Bernhard,

It seems a complete archive (compared to other ones) because it started around that period.
Indeed the request was announced in comp.lang.modula2:


On Wed, Nov 2, 2022, at 1:51 AM, Chris Burrows wrote:
> I was initially puzzled why the earliest post was dated 13 Apr 1993 then I remembered that the earliest Usenet Oberon discussions were held on comp.lang.modula2. Fortunately, that is also archived:
> https://www.usenetarchives.com/view.php?id=comp.lang.modula2
> The first Oberon-related post I could find there appeared five years earlier. It is titled From Modula-2 to Oberon by Lawrence Crowl and is dated 26 Feb 1988. 

Yes, oberon related posts started on comp.lang.modula2, however comp.lang.oberon hold a lot of very interesting topics that can't be missed. I'm happy that this archive has been found.

Does anyone have a tool for downloading this archive? I'm lazy to write a download script :-P

  Diego Sardina

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