[Oberon] http://cas.inf.ethz.ch/projects/a2

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Thu Nov 3 23:05:48 CET 2022


Am 03.11.2022 um 22:05 schrieb peter at easthope.ca:
> Hi,
> For more than 24 hours, access to http://cas.inf.ethz.ch and to
> http://cas.inf.ethz.ch/projects/a2 has failed.  Do others observe the
> same?

Yes. The last time my RSS reader has successfully downloaded
<http://cas.inf.ethz.ch/projects/a2/activity.atom> was between revision
10251 and 10252.

Thankfully, <https://svn.inf.ethz.ch/svn/lecturers/a2/trunk> still
works, so I can tell it was between September 10th and October 5th (i.e.
it still worked on September 10th, but did no longer work on October 5th).



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