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Sun Nov 6 17:31:32 CET 2022

From:	Michael Schierl <schierlm at gmx.de>
Date:	Sun, 6 Nov 2022 14:16:07 +0100
> On cas.inf.ethz.ch there has already been a continuous integration 
> workflow.

Thanks.  I had to learn the abbreviation.  =8~/  Odd term.  CI is 
really not continuous in a real number sense.  It's a series of snapshots.

> Making the next person who tries so unhappy.

In a team of one person, itegration is spontaneous.  =8~)  As a team 
grows, the ratio of itegration effort to creative effort increases.  =8~(  
In a gigantic system most "maintenance" effort is on integration. 
Ref. https://bugs.debian.org .  Most "bugs" are really integration 
snags.  Debugging requires a broad knowledge.

Isn't such growth one of the aspects which Prof. Wirth has 
consistently striven to avoid?

> ... a fresh build and not necessarily vetted by anybody, so it might 
> not work well.

Circumstances of compiler development and common usage are so 
different.  A compiler bug can be catastophic but few people work on 
compilers and bugs are a prime focus.  A bug in an application such as 
a picture editor may be only an annoyance.  J. Doe user can ignore it 
or work around.

Can a core system be managed by a few people following CI, while 
system snapshots are released to the public annually or semi-annually?
In any case, a useable result comes from diligent and meticulous 

Thx & BR,                        ... P.L.

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