[Oberon] oberon-uefi ?

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Sun Nov 6 23:53:41 CET 2022


Am 06.11.2022 um 23:29 schrieb D EMARD:

> True one could first boot linux and have every USB mouse
> supported, then run oberon exe. One drawback is
> linux shutdown is always recommeded before powering off
> or there could be filesystem issues on next boot.

Boot from an initramfs and have the Oberon user data on a separate
filesystem. That way, your boot filesystem cannot get corrupted. And
your user data drive can be checked and fixed from the initramfs.

> oberon is more poweroff-resistant than linux so I'd find acceptable
> buying supported mouse to run oberong on average uefi PC

What filesystem are you using in Oberon? And what mount options are you
using on Linux?

I would assume an ext4 or vfat filesystem mounted with "-o flush" to be
at least as resilient as any filesystem supported by Oberon. And ext4
without "-o flush" may lose some recently written files if they did not
make it from the cache to the journal, but still should not get
inconsistent quickly. Using vfat without "-o flush" is a recipe for
desaster if you do not unmount or sync the drive before poweroff. So
just don't do that.

And I would assume that Oberon's vfat driver will just flush all
metadata on every file close, so basically does the same as "-o flush".

Also, when using the UEFI boot services, you will probably use their
VFAT driver instead of coming with your own. So you depend on the
stability of your firmware's vfat driver. At least the UEFI vfat driver
should also flush all metadata once you close the last file which you
opened for writing, so probably stability is comparable to "-o flush" on

(Yes, I sometimes have a bad habit of just running "sync" and then
hard-resetting the machine when having booted some rescue Linux
distribution, without shutting the distribution down cleanly. Never had
any filesystem corruption due to that, even with NTFS and VFAT
filesystems where Linux does not write a journal. On a full desktop
distribution I would not do that, though, as there are too many
background jobs that may interfere between the sync and the loss of
power, or that may leave lockfiles behind.).



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