[Oberon] ETH Oberon: null character in Input.Mod.

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Thu Dec 8 16:33:29 CET 2022


Any Web browser should be able to retrieve NativeOberon_2.3.7.tar.gz 
from Sourceforge.

In Linux these commands  extract Input.Mod.
gunzip NativeOberon_2.3.7.tar.gz
tar -xvvf Native_Oberon2.3.7.tar
unzip Source1.zip Input.Mod

In Input.Mod, immediately preceding "MODULE" is a null character, 
displayed in ETH Oberon as an empty square. In Oberon languages, the 
null character terminates a string but that's relevant in this instance.

Any ideas to explain the presence of the null character?

Thx,                              ... P.L.

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