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> Hello again,
> In the tutorial for the compiler in ETH Oberon, Andre mentioned
> OberonErrors.Text.
> https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Oberon/ETH_Oberon/Tutorial/Compiler#Debugging_compiler_detected_syntax_errors
> The only list of errors I've found in ETHO 2.3.7 is in Oberon.Text.
> The best explanation I imagine is that OberonErrors.Text existed
> before the list was incorporated into Oberon.Text.
> Ideas?
> On some ETH Oberon-based systems that use the OP2 compiler (e.g. A2,
OberonRevival, Windows PlugIn Oberon) the error messages are stored in a
file called *OP2.Errors*. This is referenced in the *ErrorMsg *procedure in
the compiler module *OPM*.

Chris Burrows
CFB Software
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