[Oberon] [Blackbox] Modify ObxTwins

Aubrey McIntosh aubrey.mcintosh at utexas.edu
Fri Jan 6 19:09:03 CET 2023

I have made some adaptions to ObxTwins.  I want the top view to be a
FormViews.Form that is pre-seeded with a Controls.Pushbutton.  This version
works, but it "feels" like the wrong approach.  I have
InsertOp(Services.Action) that calls StdCmds.PasteView(pushbuttonView)

I was going to send a message directly to the viewer in it's New procedure,
but late last night I couldn't find a path to make that work.  Some of the
procedured are marked with the - mark, so I suppose the framework is trying
to tell me to take a different approach.

There are some calls that have frames as parameters, but I haven't worked
through how to use them.

Has anyone else done a similar thing?

My effort is at

As always, please strongly critique the code on any issue that you notice.

Aubrey McIntosh, PhD
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