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> Am 18.06.2023 um 11:01 schrieb Joerg <joerg.straube at iaeth.ch>:
> Oliver
>> * https://github.com/solbjorg/oberon-riscv - this is the "virtual RISC CPU" implementation I was talking about
>> (Now this doesn't seem to be suitable to run Oberon "out of the box" on any common operating system - but perhaps you'll find further links to actual Oberon distributions)
> I think you are aware that the open standard RISC-V and NW’s RISC-0..-5 offer different instruction sets.

Didn‘t I mention macOS previously? So what *I* know - as a Mac guy - about CPUs let alone instruction sets?


But seriously, I was merely pattern-matching each and every top 10 result that turned up when searching „oberon 2013“, and since the URL above itself already contains both „RISC“ and „Oberon“ I thought that this was the CPU emulator specifically created with NW‘s „very reduced instruction set“.

Or are you saying that no such emulator was ever made and that the above RISC V instruction set happens to include the „Niklaus Wirth set“?

I must admit that I didn‘t quite follow in detail which app is using which (RISC CPU) emulator. I just stumbled over the now non-existing Mac App Store Oberon (in around 2018 or so) and tried to compile my „Giga Draw“ drawing app that we had to do as exercise back in the times.

So IF you all want to have something to critisise (or have a good laugh), here you go:


Yes, it did compile on Oberon 2013 - but just barely ;)


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