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Hi Wojtek

As Oliver wrote: interclick is the thing to do in the Oberon OS.

But CTRL-C, -V and -X is "officially" supported in PO2013:


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> Am 02.11.2023 um 03:20 schrieb Skulski, Wojciech <skulski at pas.rochester.edu>:
> Joerg:
> how about CTRL-C, CTRL-X, CTRL-V? These are now second nature. Are they implemented under TextFrames?

- Buy a mouse (preferably one resembling half a sphere) with - at least! - three buttons
- Learn how to use „inter-clicks“
- Don‘t go crazy if you accidentally cut your entire source code and clear your „clipboard“ (or whatever that buffer would be called in Oberon anyway)

Oh, so you‘re asking about those „inter-clicks“? Let‘s see… select a text (or even an „object“), press and hold the middle mouse button, press and hold either the left or right mouse button (the „inter-click“, for cut or copy - or was it vice versa? See „cut entire source code“ example above ;)), let go of the middle button and then of the left or right button accordingly.

The right button (or the middle, or yet another inter-click, perhaps in the opposite order, wouldn’t that be fun? Who knows… ;)) then pastes the selection where your text cursor is.

„This is truly the only way text should be copied and this will become second nature.“

(Very broadly paraphrasing Prof. N. Wirth)

Not sure whether that „inter-click“ is still implemented in Oberon 2013 - I guess it is.

But I strongly suggest that you first try and learn with some very unimportant and discardable text - you‘ll thank me later ;)

Happy inter-clicking ;)

P.S. And yes, it became second nature to many students of Prof. N. Wirth, including me! Many times did I intuitively try this inter-click in other operating systems in the years to follow- only to realise that I have to grab the keyboard again ;)
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