[Oberon] Oberon-2 type bound procedure scope

Diego Sardina dsar at eml.cc
Thu Dec 7 01:43:54 CET 2023

On Wed, Dec 6, 2023, at 23:54, Stefano Ferrari wrote:
> Consider a type bound procedure declaration
>  PROCEDURE (tree: Tree) AddNode(node: Node);
> Where does the procedure scope start?
> Identifier ‘tree’ (receiver) belongs to the procedure scope, identifier ‘AddSymbol’ belongs to outer scope and then identifier ‘node’ belongs to procedure scope again
> Weird, isn’t it?

Ciao Stefano :-)

I don't generally see a big problem with that syntax, except maybe in an extreme single-pass compiler where the scope is built at the symbol level. Even in that case once you see the first "(" you know that it's a type bound procedure and you expect a parameter that will be part of the scope of the following procedure declaration.

Why do you consider it so weird?

Diego Sardina

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