[Scion] Beacon server log generation problem with SCIONLab VM

Frei Matthias matthias.frei at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Aug 7 10:52:21 CEST 2019

Dear Merlec,

the screenshot seems to indicate that none of the SCION services was able to start, and the log of the beacon server hints at an invalid topology file. My guess is that your configuration folder contains configuration files for an old, incompatible SCION version (*).  If this is the case, the simplest way to fix this would be to go to the scionlab.org website, download a fresh copy of the configuration for your SCIONLab AS and re-initialize the VM (again, sorry).

Best Regards,

(*) My guess is that your AS had previously been working because it received newer configuration through automatic updates. It's possible that this automatic update process does not work as expected when recreating the SCIONLab VM starting from an old configuration.

From: mlecjm mlec <mlecjm at gmail.com>
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Subject: Beacon server log generation problem with SCIONLab VM

Hello SCIONLab Team,

I am facing some problems with my SCIONLab VM ( 17-ffaa_1_228), which is not able to generate the beacons server log. The following is the error message shown after running "checkbeacons" or "tail -f $SC/logs/bs*.DEBUG" command.


Could you held me to figure out what is the problem and how to fix this it ?

Basically, the VM was working well until I updated VirtualBox form 5.2.28 to 6.0.10 version, which asked me to update also vagrant from 2.1.1 to 2.2.25 Version, and after that the SSH PublicKey authentication and password failed, I could not access again to the SCIONLab VM. So I decided to destroy and reinitialize the VM, that why I am facing this situation.

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