[SCION] [SCIONLab] SCIONLab update on 9.12.2020

Matthias Frei matfrei at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Dec 9 12:40:57 CET 2020

Dear SCIONLab user,

We have completed the update and maintenance of SCIONLab. The SCIONLab 
network infrastructure is now running the latest SCION version and is 
back to normal operational state.

As a quick reminder, please remember to update the Debian packages on 
your machines or VMs connected to SCIONLab.

sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade scionlab 

Some glitches slipped through our testing harness and we had to release 
a small patch for the default configuration included in the 
scion-dispatcher Debian package. If you are seeing errors related to 
permissions on /dev/shm/dispatcher/dispatcher.sock, please double check 
that you have this latest version 3.0.1 of scion-dispatcher installed.

Please contact us at scion at lists.inf.ethz.ch if you have any comments or 
questions. To reach the SCIONLab administrators directly, send us an 
email to scionlab-admins at sympa.ethz.ch .

Thank you and best regards,
Your SCIONLab team

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