[SCION] scion-apps and rains updates

Frei Matthias matthias.frei at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Jan 23 17:49:57 CET 2020

Hi devs,

This concerns developers with active work on github.com/netsec-ethz/scion-apps or github.com/netsec-ethz/rains.

Usually we keep the master branch of these repositories in line with the version of SCION run in SCIONLab.

Now, in preparation of the next version update for SCIONLab, we will merge changes to master in both of these repositories to build these applications against the current scionproto/scion master.

Once the next version for SCIONLab has been fixed, we'll again keep master building against the version in SCIONLab.

The branch scionlab will be kept locked to the current version until the SCIONLab updates are completed.

If you are building these applications based on master, please be advised that the binaries may or may not be compatible with SCIONLab.

Best Regards,


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