[SCION] Limitations on SCION Lab

Frei Matthias matthias.frei at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Jun 22 13:53:15 CEST 2020

Hi Michi,

no, there are no artificial resource limitations implemented in SCIONLab, right now (but this could change in the future) -- the notable exception are the links to the  "attachment point from hell" (https://docs.scionlab.org/content/apps/hell.html).

Note, however, that SCIONLab still runs the comparably slow user-space SCION router software which can achieve only mediocre bandwidths (in contrast to the DPDK based high speed software routers).



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Hi all

In the course of my master thesis I would like to perform performance
measurements in the SCIONLab network. For this purpose I send data over
the network between two AS's created by myself. I'm wondering if there
are any limitations implemented (e.g. bandwidth throttling) for "normal"
users which could influence my measurements?

Thanks for your effort.



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