[SCION] Some Questions for diploma Thesis (SCIONLab)

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Sat May 9 18:26:39 CEST 2020

Hi Juan


Thanks for your feedback and please excuse the late reply. Due to the workload, I didn't get to continue working on my SCION project.


But now I installed my two ASes. The first is running on a Raspberry Pi 4 connected via WLAN. In the second AS I use a VM for the Control Service and a Apu Board as a Border Router. For this setup, I already had to work with the topology files, thanks for your input about this. However, after a few hours of testing and configuration, I was not able to establish a stable connection. Sometime I have an connection and sometimes I got the failure: CRIT: Failed to retrieve paths from SCIOND: Path lookup had an error err_code="SCIOND experienced an internal error"


The scion-apps are working, just the Webapps have some issues. (As already discussed in the mails with Hyok)


Now my next goal is to configure also the second AS correctly (with control Service on a VM and Border Router on the Apu Board), and to configure a peering Link between the two ASes. 

I haven’t really figured out how to build the topology files and configure it properly.


For an better overview I gave inserted my network map in this LINK <https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkcX1uSBJ03I2god_o2xMYvJRGaj?e=n6YaWx> .


I would really appreciate it, if I could continue to discuss my project with you on your Matrix or Slack channel.


Many thanks for your Support and best regards.




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Hi Mauro,

I'm glad to hear you are experimenting with our user ASes. I checked the picture of your network architecture and looks alright. Now, for the questions (answering online)

*       Is it possible to run the scion control service on a VM an the
border router service on a separated device? So what is necessary to run
just an border router?

If you refer to what type of hardware, then our experience is a PC can forward up to some 200Mbps. You can always test your hardware running a local topology, like "Tiny", and use our bandwidth tester to saturate a couple of BRs.


*       Can I as a SCIONLab User already use the path-awareness and
multipath features, So can I write my own path- and traffic policies? (The
goal is to create some policies like in the presentation on SCION day from
Samuel Hitz) If yes, where can I do this?

Yes, a SCIONLab user AS is no different in that regard. There are not too many things right now that are aware of path policies; the SIG might be one (I don't know for sure); you could even modify your path server to use path policies right now (it's planned to extend it to do so, but it's not supported at the moment).


*       The same Question I have for the peering link feature. Is this for
an SCIONLab user also available?

You can peer your user AS with another user AS of your choice. For that you will have to manually edit the topology files of both ASes. You can look at how peering links are represented by generating a local topology and inspecting the generated topology files.


And something else. After the update of SCIONlab my test AS run well (all
necessary service are up, SCMP messages are ok), but also after a new
installation the SCION Apps / Webapps are just running with failure. Is this
an knowing issue, or have I install the wrong apps?

I don't know about the webapp, but other applications (bwtest client, netcat, etc) should have been updated as well. Please try with e.g. netcat and let us know. Also run dpkg -l scion* and copy the output, to see what versions you have installed. 


I hope this helps. In any case, please send us back your experience, and we might continue discussing using our Matrix channel, or Slack.

Thanks and best regards,


Juan A.



I will be very grateful for some answers. Special to know if this test
deployment is possible.

Thanks for your effort.

Best Regards


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