[SCION] Carbon aware SCION networking

Seyedali Tabaeiaghdaei tabaeeali at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 13:40:56 CET 2021

Hi Chris,

I've just joined the mailing list. I heard about your email from Matthias.
Regarding your question number 4 I should say that I have done two
energy/co2-related projects on SCION.

The first one which is my Master's thesis exactly investigates what you
asked in your email. We're putting CO2 emission per bit of intra-AS paths
between ingress and egress interfaces of each AS hop into the PCB. The
total CO2 emission per bit of the path would be the sum of these numbers
for all hops on the path. A simple beaconing algorithm is also needed to
select and propagate the greenest set of paths. (We cannot propagate all
paths due to scalability issue, so we should propagate the greenest ones)

We are also investigating the effect of traffic shift from dirty ASes to
green ASes on the behvior of  dirty ones and their willingness to become
greener. A simple model is proposed for that in my thesis. We will use a
more sophisticated model in the later work.

As this is not yet published, I'll send it to you as soon as it is

The second project which is older investigates the energy consumption of
SCION ASes. We showed that SCION can save around 7 GW globally mostly by
removing routing tables from routers. There is a report for that which is
not official. We may publish it in the future.

Best Regards,


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