[Equal] ScanMail Message: To Recipient virus found and action taken.

Administrator Administrator
Thu Oct 10 22:41:16 CEST 2002

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange has detected virus-infected attachment(s).

Sender = SYSTEM at aol.com
Recipient(s) = amarbet at datacomm.ch; nextstop at gmx.net; 4937194Stock_Alert at excite.com; weckerleje at earthlink.net; weckenbrock at att.net; weckenbrock at htc.net; l.hall8 at ntlworld.com; anne_fausto-sterling at brown.edu; martin.heimgartner at unibas.ch; uwe.gerber at unibas.ch; gunnar.broberg at kult.lu.se; per.bordahl at rikshospitalet.no; sf.roth at bluewin.ch; Anne.Gyger at politic.unige.ch; patricia.purtschert at unibas.ch; sbraunschweig at tiscalinet.ch; gerhard at soz.uni-frankfurt.de; ursula.hirt at bbt.admin.ch; ursula.jecklin at chur.ch; membership at winnerspaid.com; veronika.lipphardt at web.de; M.King at unibas.ch; patricia.farahmand at unibas.ch; kco.ale at snafu.de; sgolterm at uni-bremen.de; Almut.Hoefert at unibas.ch; karin.mellini at csf-mv.ethz.ch; annah at artmann.ch; zitakueng at bluewin.ch; Sylvie.Durrer at frmod.unil.ch; anef at univ-tlse2.fr; martin at laurentides.net; frcomte at club-internet.fr; leclercan at wanadoo.fr; sdurrer at span.ch; HENCHOZ Caroline; markpolus at yahoo.com; umeller at uni-bremen.de; info at tourmedia.ch; Thomas.Bally at unifr.ch; karinrenold at hotmail.com; brigitte.roeder at freesurf.ch; michael.groneberg at unifr.ch; aandrea.maihofer at unibas.ch; stadler at paed.unizh.ch; kundert at access.unizh.ch; cwiedmer at es.unizh.ch; blattmann at meierblattmann.ch; martine at chaponniere.com; anja.haensch at iue.it; madeleine.mueller at unibas.ch; Esther.Baur at unibas.ch; pascale.banon at unifr.ch; georghofer at yahoo.de; Nathalie.Bot at cellbio.unige.ch; lowy at ext.jussieu.fr; felstein at swissonline.ch; michael.hubenstorf at univie.ac.at; karger at uni-duesseldorf.de; annah at rtmann.ch; uweckel at umich.edu; sales at digitalvisionsgroup.com; qissi at yahoo.fr; hansen at freesurf.ch; ceifert at zedat.fu-berlin.de; ckeller at access.ch; bestellstatus at amazon.de; sdmeyer at bluemail.ch; phoff at ukaachen.de; Engstrom at r220-1.rz.RWTH-Aachen.DE; kitty at aussiemail.com.au; haynes_1985 at hotmail.com; blazed at hyper.net; reggyf at hotmail.com; regh at usa.net; regi at home.net; regi13 at usa.net; dehinasc at email.cz; opitz-belkhal at t-online.de; ericino67t6t at yahoo.com; Sandrine.Comment at socio.unige.ch; kunzrahel at hotmail.com; scheller at cepe.mavt.ethz.ch; Marc.Geiser at medecine.unige.ch; fatnggym at msn.com; brigitte.bloechlinger at freesurf.ch; pia.elia at gmx.ch; Lene.Koch at pubhealth.ku.dk; karoline.sutter at teddy.ch; oncosg at siak.ch; Rita.Schneider-Sliwa at unibas.ch; MEiyIt856 at yahoo.com; danielaah at gmx.net; londonbar at eresmas.com; allison232 at aol.com; regies at pacbell.net; regiment at yahoo.com; regina.r.maciejeski at usa.net; roland.ris at bluewin.ch; satzing at kgw.tu-Berlin.de; weckerly at excite.com; 1340234stockalert at yahoo.co.jp; weckerboy at msn.com; wecker1 at ix.netcom.com; wecker3106 at msn.com; wecker at ardennet.com; Clairewuwu42799 at uki.com; regidi at msn.com; tuesdaymano20232 at yahoo.co.uk; freemannow55 at netscape.net; Robert.Suter at ekd.bl.ch; mehling at hrz1.hrz.tu-darmstadt.de; bernhard.matter at pharma.novartis.com; info-ascona at csf-mv.ethz.ch; msommer at mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de; Gisela.Huerlimann at access.unizh.ch; josef.Mooser at unibas.ch; bettingforprofit at ip3.com; Friend at public.com; ageorge at buffalo.edu; dougsreplyto3 at excite.com; Daniela.Tschudi at unibas.ch; regina004 at hotmail.com; editions at antipodes.ch; Mkkabila at excite.com; adelarive at swissonline.ch; winb at charleston.net; maya.widmer at cus.ch; equal at inf.ethz.ch; Bernhard.Kuechenhoff at puk.zh.ch; adair at bau.co.jp; satfun89 at yahoo.co.uk; alice.spinnler at unibas.ch; annemarie.berlinger at sagw.unibe.ch; sagw at sagw.unibe.ch; Sabine.Baechtold at ekd.bl.ch; m2c at gmx.ch; Gregor.Spuhler at unibas.ch; franklin_8 at hotmail.com; info at profri.ch; wassilis.kassis at unibas.ch; liselotte.schelble at bluemail.ch; akdhNewsletter at yahoogroups.de; ucgailo at ucl.ac.uk; brigitte.roeder at datacomm.ch; e_holliday at hotmail.com; cynthia2051 at yahoo.com; WSCH1421 at eudoramail.com; jana_haberlein at hotmail.com; BengelSusanne8668 at eudoramail.com; mvuille at yahoo.fr; stefan.nellen at unibas.ch; seiler_er at t-online.de; Cynthia.Kraus at iscm.unil.ch; Nicolas.Drechsler at freesurf.ch; bazzocco at hotmail.om; info-mb at csf-mv.ethz.ch; kristina_bain at hotmail.com; promotion5 at amazon.de; robeert.suter at unibas.ch; lindamcgowan at hotmail.com; heyder at uni-freiburg.de; staempfli.reed at skynet.be; n.schwalbach at bluemail.ch; BengelSusanne2297 at eudoramail.com; Berweger at zimail2.unizh.ch; simber at gmx.net; elizabeth.zemp at bs.ch; focus at datacomm.ch; mlkaiser at eesp.ch
Subject = VAXCluster Accounting
Scanning Time = 10/10/2002 22:41:14
Engine/Pattern = 6.150-1001/365

Action on virus found:
The attachment Antrag.doc.pif contains WORM_BUGBEAR.A virus. ScanMail has Deleted it. 

Warning from postmaster at unine.ch; 
A virus has been detected and cleaned in an email you received.

Mise en garde de postmaster at unine.ch;
Un virus a été détecté et nettoyé dans un message que vous avez reçu.

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