[Equal] Vorankündigung: "Women and Science": Initiatives in the European Context

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Wed May 14 17:30:25 CEST 2003

Information Event

"Women and Science": Initiatives in the European Context

Wednesday, 18 June 2003
University of Fribourg
Auditorium of Histology, Room 0.403
Pérolles, Chemin du Musée 14
1700 Fribourg

Starting at 13.30 until 17.30 and followed by an aperitif

The event will be hosted by Euresearch, the Swiss Information Network for EU
research programmes with support of the Office for Gender Equality,
University of Fribourg.

There is no conference fee. Registration is requested until 13 June 2003.

Presentation of the event

"Women and science": initiatives in the European Context 

With its coming association to the 6th European Framework Programme of the
European Union (FP6), Switzerland is about to become a full-fetched partner
in the efforts towards making Europe a world-leader in terms of scientific

FP6 not only offers a host of new and extended possibilities for Swiss
scientists but its aims have furthermore been broadened in order to better
foster gender equality in the formulation and evaluation of research
projects in all fields, as well as through dedicated research projects. As
yet, information on these new issues and possibilities need to be better
known and promoted. 

This afternoon event is targeted at all researchers interested in FP6,
people involved in promoting gender equality and research at Swiss
universities and institutions of higher education as well as those involved
in informing about European research projects. It will give them the
opportunity  to learn more and debate about:

*	the strategies and initiatives aiming at promoting gender equality
throughout FP6 (gender mainstreaming);
*	the funding opportunities for European projects in the field of
Women and Science;
*	the activities of the Helsinki Group on Women and Science; 
*	FP6 and the support offered to Swiss scientists by interested in
participating in European projects.

Throughout the afternoon, particular attention will be given to debate and

Speakers and panel participants (please consult programme). 

Language: French, English, German


Doris Kolly
Euresearch Fribourg/Freiburg
c/o Polygon
University of Fribourg
Chemin du Musée 8, Pérolles
1700 Fribourg
Tel.	026 300 73 32
Fax 	026 300 97 28
E-mail: 	fribourg at euresearch.ch

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