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Lilian Fankhauser lilian.fankhauser at izfg.unibe.ch
Thu May 15 15:43:20 CEST 2003

Liebe Equals
Gerne machen wir euch auf eine Job-Ausschreibung des Interdisziplinären
Zentrums für Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung der Uni Bern IZFG aufmerksam:
Das IZFG und das NCCR North-South suchen eine Gender-Spezialistin / einen
Gender-Spezialisten, die/der ein Pre-Proposal für ein einjähriges
Forschungsprojekt im Rahmen des NCCR North-South entwickeln möchte.
Bewerbungsfrist ist der 30. Mai, alles Weitere entnehmt bitte untenstehendem
Text oder dem Gender Campus www.gendercampus.ch (oranger Bereich / Seite

Mit lieben Grüssen
Lilian Fankhauser, IZFG

Advancement of Women and Gender Mainstreaming in a Multicultural Research

The NCCR North-South, a National Centre of Competence in Research that
focuses on “Research Partnerships for Mitigating Syndromes of Global
 Change,” currently in its second year of operations, is collaborating with
the IZFG (Interdisziplinäres Zentrum fur Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung,
University of Berne) to find experts on the promotion of female researchers
and gender mainstreaming in the context of the NCCR North-South. The NCCR
North-South’s approach is inter- and transdisciplinary, and based on an
explicitly normative framework in order to integrate research and
development in areas affected by syndromes of global change. (The following
web sites can be consulted for further information:
www.nccr-north-south.unibe.ch and www.izfg.unibe.ch)

Within this context, the IZFG and the NCCR North-South are urgently seeking
Specialist interested in drawing up a Pre-proposal
for a 1-year Research and Development project on “Promoting Gender Equality
in a Multicultural Research Context.” The project will be a unique
opportunity to observe, actively and constructively intervene in, and assess
gender processes in a multicultural context. The expected outputs of the
project will be: a scientific assessment of various NCCR partners’
experience with provisional “Guidelines for Promoting Gender Equality,” and
new Guidelines based on lessons learned.

Terms of Reference for pre-proposal:
Draw up a pre-proposal for the project described above, based on experience
in the field of Advancement of Women, and taking into account the NCCR
North-South’s main objectives; consult with NCCR North-South partners in
We require:
·	Experience in designing and planning research projects in the field of
gender studies and/or development studies;
·	Knowledge of measures to promote women, and access to relevant networks in
Switzerland and abroad;
·	Fluent English (oral), and communication skills in French and German;
·	Social skills in a multi-institutional, multi-level and multi-disciplinary
·	Completed studies (Lizentiat or M.A., if possible PhD);
·	Flexibility, self-confidence, experience with and interest in a complex
institutional environment.
We offer:
·	For the pre-proposal: 50% contract over a 1-month period.
·	Remuneration package for consultancy (“Wissenschaftliche MitarbeiterIn“);
·	Travel expenses;
·	Possibility of conducting the 1-year research project or collaborating in

The candidate will receive active support from, and collaborate with the
NCCR North-South and the IZFG. Please send your application and c.v. by 30
May 2003 to:
Dr. Anne Zimmermann, NCCR North-South, Institute of Geography, University of
Berne, Steigerhubelstrasse 3, 3008 Berne, Switzerland.
E-mail: azimmer at giub.unibe.ch	Phone: 031 631 52 73

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