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  At 12:08 PM 7/19/2004, Justyna Szachowicz-Sempruch wrote:
>Dear Equals
>We are currently accepting papers for an anthology on "Multiple 
>Marginalities: An Intercultural Perspective on Gender in Education"
>with a particular emphasis on Gender in Education across Europe and Africa 
>Today. Papers introducing Swiss perspective are more than welcome. Please 
>see attachment or the following text for details.
>The book will explore the subject of:
>Multiple Marginalities: An Intercultural Perspective on Gender in Education
>with a particular emphasis on Gender in Education across Europe and Africa 
>The role that education plays in gender, racial or ethnic stereotyping and 
>discriminatory practices is widely noted but the heterogeneous positions 
>of diverse cultures across continents are less frequently explored. The 
>editors are particularly interested in papers that clearly focus on gender 
>relations and issues of discrimination and marginalization.
>Possible topics include: femininity/masculinity, identity/subjectivity, 
>class, race, space, disabilities, age, employment practices, as well as 
>post-conflict and peace-building practices in education. Education 
>involves kindergarten, primary/secondary, vocational and higher education, 
>with our understanding that education and training is or should be a 
>lifelong practice.
>Gender studies throughout Europe are increasingly focusing attention on 
>the practical aspects of gender theory, and its applicability at the 
>various educational levels as well as in various cultural and political 
>settings. Less is known about the presence of gender issues in African 
>education, and we are interested in exploring the difference and 
>heterogeneity of European and/or African perspectives as well as the 
>interconnection between European and African continents which despite 
>their geographical closeness very seldom come in a direct comparison. The 
>book therefore encourages single-country approaches and comparative 
>cross-national and cross-continental analyses.
>Articles are welcome from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. 
>Perspectives on gender research in education from less represented 
>European and African countries are of a particular interest. We welcome 
>submissions from scholars, students, activists, artists and others who 
>work or research in any area of education. We also welcome creative 
>reflections such as poetry, short stories, and artwork on the subject.
>Send your abstracts (300 words) to 
><mailto:gender_in_education at yahoo.co.uk>gender_in_education at yahoo.co.uk
>by October 31, 2004. Submissions must be received by December 30, 2004.
>For more information, please contact:
>Katharina Willems (Faculty of Educational Science, Hamburg University, 
>Germany) at: <mailto:kwillems at gmx.de>kwillems at gmx.de, Chiara Caserella 
>(Faculty of Education, University of Padua, Italy) at: 
><mailto:chiara_casarella at yahoo.it>chiara_casarella at yahoo.it, Justyna 
>Sempruch (Gender Studies, University of Basel, Switzerland) at: 
><mailto:justyna at dplanet.ch>justyna at dplanet.ch
>With best regards,
>Katharina Willems, Chiara Casarella, and Justyna Sempruch

Justyna Sempruch, Ph.D.
The Programme in Comparative Literature
University of British Columbia
mailto: justyna at unixg.ubc.ca

For convenience please use my current contact details in Switzerland:
Gender Studies
University of Basel
mailto: justyna at dplanet.ch  
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