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tja, entweder hat niemand aus der schweiz geantwortet oder wir haben 
ebn wirklich kaeine Frauen in the room at the top.
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>Dear eq-uni,
>A message from Helena Lejon, helena.lejon at hsv.se:
>Dear Eq-uni subscribers,
>Some time ago Liisa Husu helped me to post a question to the list,
>concerning the number of female vice-chancellors/rectors in higher
>education institutions in other European countries.
>Below I have compiled the answers I received in case other list members
>are interested.
>Many thanks to all of you who contributed with data, comments and/or
>interesting research papers!
>Best regards,
>Helena Lejon
>Women rectors in Europe -- a compilation of results from an Eq-uni
>enquiry in March 2007
>There is no female rector in Austria right now. For further details it
>is possible to search on the websites of the Austrian Rectors'
>Finland has 20 universities, and 5 of them had a female Rector in March
>2007. First female University Rector was appointed in 1992. 
>Data on university rectors (as well as vice-rectors and chancelors)
>exist from 1996. The CEWS-website on statistics on women and science has
>a site on rectors:
>http://www.cews.org/statistik/gremien-drittmittel.php?aid=61&cid=19 .
>The data are collected by the "Bund-Länder-Kommission für
>Bildungsplanung und Forschungsförderung"; this commission published the
>data in a yearly report "Frauen in Führungspositionen". All reports are
>available as pdf-files (http://www.blk-info.de/index.php?id=128).
>Last year the first woman Vice Rector took office.
>There are 15 state and 7 private universities in Lithuania. Rectors of
>all these Universities are men; there never have been a woman in
>University Rector's position in any Lithuanian University. Iinformation
>on Lithuanian institutions of higher education is available in English
>Since 1992 the NTNU university has had 4 women vice rectors but no woman
>Turkey has currently 5 female rectors.

how about joining Turkey to Switzerland, if the EU do not want to 
have Turkey join them?...;-)

>There are 5 women rectors, in state universities (2.4 % of total at
>state universities). In non state universities 9 rectors are women, or
>2.8 %. On average 2.6 % of all Ukrainian rectors are women. There are 23
>women on the post of vice-rectors post at state universities.
>United Kingdom
>There are 18 women heads of institutions of higher education, just about
>to reduce to 16. "
>Helena Mähler Lejon
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>Högskoleverket/Swedish National Agency for Higher Education
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