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>The Department of Women?s Studies at the University of Arizona is  pleased to
>the inauguration of its Ph.D. program. Incoming  students will be admitted for
>'08-'09 academic year.  The  University of Arizona Department of 
>Women's Studies
>is a
>long- established leader in the field, one of the oldest and most widely
>programs in the country, with twelve years of experience  in 
>graduate education
>the MA program. Our thirteen core  faculty and more than 70 affiliated faculty
>internationally  renowned scholars of Chicana/Latina Studies, sexuality,
>transnationalism, racialization, health, science, history, film,  sociology,
>life writing, among many others.
>The planned Ph.D. program will equip students to produce new  knowledge in the
>field of
>Women?s Studies from a foundation in  diverse theories of gender, critical
>race theory,
>feminism and  related social movements, history, literature, critical and
>studies, and studies of the relation of gender, race, ethnicity,  sexuality to
>transnational economic and political processes.
>For specific information about the course of study and application 
>go to
>The program is wide ranging in its strengths, which include:
>* 13 core faculty with appointments and affiliations in English; 
>History; Latin
>Studies; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and  Transgender Studies; Anthropology; Media
>Mexican American  Studies; Sociology; and Spanish and Portuguese
>* More than 70 affiliated faculty members from departments and  colleges
>throughout the
>* The nation?s only Chicana/Latina Studies concentration housed in a
>Women?s Studies
>*A vibrant and exciting Group for Early Modern Studies, with members  from
>all over the university, founded out of the  Department of Women?s Studies
>* The Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW) which  maintains five
>offices, 32
>researchers and staff, and an annual  budget of $2.5 ? 3.0 million with
>strengths in public  health and education
>* A community-based organization, the Women?s Studies Advisory  Council
>offering financial support for student travel to  conferences as well as
>with cultural, social service,  and political institutions which provide
>students access
>to a local  network of community members and organizations
>Ph.D. students are encouraged to pursue wide-ranging and  interdisciplinary
>projects, and
>Women?s Studies is taken to describe  a field defined as ?the feminist study
>everything.? The department  and the campus as a whole have exceptional
>strengths in
>tremendously  various fields. We welcome the opportunity to add Ph.D. students
>to  the
>vibrant intellectual community, and have confidence that the  rapid
>of Women?s Studies around the country,  together with UA Women?s Studies
>extraordinarily strong intellectual  reputation, will put our students in an
>position to seek  academic jobs.
>Or, alternately, students may choose to pursue research projects 
>through SIROW
>emphasize community-based participatory action  research of 
>importance to women
>and girls
>living in the southwestern  US and Mexico. The institute maintains extensive
>collaborations with  schools; community agencies; governmental entities,
>criminal justice institutions and local health departments; tribal 
>other universities and colleges.
>For more about the department, the faculty, and the curriculum, see  our web
>site at
>Women's Studies
>1443 E 1st St
>SBS Annex
>P.O. Box 210403
>Tucson, AZ  85721-0403
>Phone: 520-621-7338

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