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Dear colleagues (or women Postdoc or women PhD or other title.....)

The ETH-domain working group for Equal opportunities for women and man started this year a project to support women scientists with PhD in their academic careers. This program is called "Fix the leaky pipeline!" and is now presenting course modules tailored to women postdocs to improve their skills needed to pursue an academic career. See also http://www.fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch <BLOCKED::http://www.fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch/> :

Please find attached an overview with all details about contents, dates, locations, and costs.


The course modules will start in November and are open to all women scientists with PhD working in technical fields. The program is tailored to the special needs of female PhDs and will be held in English in Zurich, Dübendorf and Lausanne. The courses are primarily addressed to ETH-Domain employees, but they are also open to PhDs from other technical academic fields.


Please find all details about contents, dates, locations, costs and more in the attached pdf-file or on the homepage http://www.fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch/#AccompanyingCourses <BLOCKED::blocked::http://www.fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch/#AccompanyingCourses> . You may also print out the course list and pass it on to other colleagues or put it up on pin boards.

You may register right now, or you may ask for more details about the contents of the courses.


Course titles for module 1 to 7: 

- Job interview training for academic careers (Flyer available, see attachment) 

- The Personal Portfolio: making personal skills visible 

- SELF-selling, SELF-marketing 

- Career planning for scientists

- Leadership skills and people management in the academic community 

- How to succeed in the scientific community? 

- Negotiation and and conflict management skills 


In October we also cordially invite you to a round table event where you will have the possibility to meet female professors of ETHZ. Please find attached also a poster with the invitation to the round table of 26 October 2007.


Kind regards

Gabriella Meier, Eawag and Agnes Dienes, EPFL

Project leaders of  "Fix the leaky pipeline!"





Gabriella Meier Bürgisser


Stelle für Chancengleichheit, FC E30

Ueberlandstrasse 133, Postfach 611

CH-8600 Duebendorf

Tel  direkt 044 823 51 77

Fax 044 823 53 75


e-Mail: gmeier at eawag.ch <BLOCKED::blocked::mailto:gmeier at eawag.ch> 


Dr. Agnes Dienes-Nagy

<BLOCKED::blocked::http://www.eawag.ch/> Equal Opportunities Office


CM 1 518 (Building CM)
Station 10
1015 Lausanne
Phone 021 693 00 75 / 00 71

Fax 021 693 19 80

e-Mail: agnes.dienes at epfl.ch <BLOCKED::mailto:agnes.dienes at epfl.ch> 


http://www.fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch <BLOCKED::blocked::http://www.fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch/> 

info at fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch <BLOCKED::blocked::mailto:info at fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch>  


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