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Sylvia Davis sylviafrances at gmail.com
Fri May 21 09:31:14 MEST 2010

Dear Ms.  Zingg,

I heard about you through Monika Kurath  (ETH) and she thought you (equal
lists) would be a good place for me to start.

I would like to offer English classes to children of ETH parent(s).
Yesterday I received a phone call from Daniel Merklin from ETH Immobilien
and it is almost sure  I will be offered space to hold these classes in the
Fliederstrasse 4 ETH building.

In order to see where the highest demand lies (ages, English level, days and
times) I would like to send out a questionnaire.  Would it be possible to do
this via your emailing list, or perhaps you might have some ideas of how I
can distribute my questionnaire...?

My husband works at the ETH.  We have lived in Zürich for nearly six years.
I am a credentialed Kindergarten and Primary school teacher and have taught
in private and international schools here in Zürich.  I currently teach
English at BKE in Oerlikon and gymnastics through Zürich Sport und Schulamt.

I am thankful for any help or advice you can offer me.

Kind regards,
Sylvia Davis

PS Sie können naturlich auf Detusch zurückschreiben...ich schreibe aber
immer schneller und lieber in meiner Muttersprache : )
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