[Equal] Free places in Courses of „Fix the leaky pipeline!“ in November: "Stress management" and “Skills’ profile”

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Mon Oct 24 13:25:08 CEST 2011

Dear female PhD students, postdocs and young scientists

We’d like to offer to you some free places in the course of November 2011, and we may warmly recommend them to you.

This career-building program named „Fix the leaky pipeline!“ supports young female scientists of the ETH-Domain in their academic careers.

Module 8 deals with “Stress Management” and will take place on November 14th at ETHZ Villa Hatt.

It is a replay of module 1, because after the completition of module 1 the participants were so grateful about the course and much more aware of the utility of stress management tools that they ask to plan a repetition.

Module 7 about “Skills’ profile” will take place on November 24th at EPFL:

The project leader of “Fix the leaky pipeline!” took part of this course some years ago and she was glad about the output of this one-day course. She became aware of the skills she had learned in the time before, in the jobs and in the private environment. Then she started to collect all evidences that proof these skills. To see the folder with all these arguments is quite good for self-confidence!

Please find more information on the flyers:

- Module 8, Dr. Lille Springall, “The Holistic Stress Management Workshop”, ETHZ, Villa Hatt, Mo, 14.11.2011, Fr. 100.--, www.fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch/pdf/module8_stressmanagement_fly.pdf<http://www.fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch/pdf/module8_stressmanagement_fly.pdf>

- Module 7, Dr. Pamela Alean-Kirkpatrick, “Developing a Comprehensive Skills' Profile”, EPFL, Th, 24.11.2011,  Fr. 70.--, www.fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch/pdf/module3_7_skills_fly.pdf<http://www.fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch/pdf/module3_7_skills_fly.pdf>

For registration write a mail to gabmeier at ethz.ch<mailto:gabmeier at ethz.ch>.

Further event:

Soon we will be able to announce the concluding event with a career café. It will take place in the afternoon of January 26th, 2012 in Berne at UniS (near main station). You will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with female role models: professors of ETH-Domain and University of Applied Sciences, a researcher of a company and a member of the Swiss educational policy management. The event will be conducted by Dr. Pam Alean.

Please find the current state still on http://www.fix-the-leaky-pipeline.ch/concluding_event.html

No fee for this concluding event.

Thank you very much for your attention

Best regards

Gabriella Meier Bürgisser


Fix the leaky pipeline!


Gabriella Meier Bürgisser

c/o Office of equal opportunities for women and men ETH Zurich

Phone: 044 492 48 41

info at fix-the-leaky-pipeline

Alexandra von Schack

Equal opportunities office, EPFL

alexandra.vonschack at epfl.ch<mailto:alexandra.vonschack at epfl.ch>

Phone: 021 693 00 21


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