[Oberon] System degeneration ?

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Sun Mar 7 22:04:46 CET 2004

Sorry Chris,
> I'd appreciate any advice to avoid having to debug this trap:
> == Chris Glur.
> TRAP -14  NIL reference ( 00000014H ) (PC Native 11.10.2001)
> HTMLImages.ImgIcon  PC = 5551
> 	key = 15
> 	keyAttr = "IMGKey"
> HTMLImages.IMG  PC = 7583
I really would liked to have a look at your problem. But at the moment
I'm in a major partition juggling act on my harddisk (I want to change some
Windows partitions from FAT to FAT32 and enlarge them) which gives me some
problems. So at the moment my NO and Linuxpartitions don't boot anymore.

Cheers, Edgar

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