[Oberon] HyperDocs.Tool

shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca
Thu Mar 18 19:38:27 CET 2004

As Edgar noted, in case HyperDocs.Tool is ever 
updated, it might list two instances of Fetch.

HyperDocTools.Fetch Local.Doc ~	Download the selected link to Local.Doc.
HyperDocTools.Fetch Doc => Local.Doc ~	Download Doc to Local.Doc.

Also, Chris G., about a month ago you mentioned
a trap from "Desktops.OpenDoc http://...".  Try 
"Desktops.OpenDoc http://www.debian.org".  
Head of trap is appended.  Is this another font 
problem as you mentioned months ago.  Any 
connection to your trap?

Regards,      Peter E.

TRAP 7  Index out of range (PC Native 05.01.2003)
HTMLDocs.WriteCharRef  PC = 17182
	P =  00492880H
	S =  00000010H
	entity = ""


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