[Oberon] Re. HyperDocs.Tool

shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca
Wed Mar 24 21:20:47 CET 2004


cg> HTMLImages.ImgIcon ...
cg> Have you got an 'image' at the end of you web-page ?

Yes, validhtml401.gif which advertises 
HTML validity.  My first guess at 
an explanation for the trap is that PC 
Native 11.10.2001 preceeded gif support.
Try PC Native 05.01.2003.

cg> Like I'm the only person in the world 
still using 486 machines !

A 486 made the page at 

Finding the source of my trap from 
http://www.debian.org/ is a good exercise.  
First, note that http://validator.w3.org/
reports that the page is valid HTML 4.01 
Transitional.  Save the 
html text to a file.  Near the end of
the text is a series of language specific
references following "This page is also 
available in the following languages:".
Remove all the language reference lines
except one.  With some lines the page opens
without a trap.  The Norwegian line for
example.  Other lines raise a trap.
Eg. the Japanese line.  Seems that 
Desktops.OpenDoc can not cope with a few 
of the characters invoked.  This suggests 
again that Desktops.OpenDoc needs a 
little work on html character references.
Just in case anyone is bored ...

cg> As one who grew up with 8 bit CPUs, I still find it unacceptable to
see CPU's with 'air-conditioners strapped to their back !'.

Here, here;  but the Crays used to have 
fancy heat transfer machinery.

Regards,        Peter 


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